Abstract Submission

The EPC offers researchers and clinicians the possibility to enhance and disseminate the impact of their findings by calling for abstract submissions. The EPC selection committee will assess all submissions received by the deadline of March 4, 2018 and nominate the best abstracts for inclusion in the conference.


Guidelines for submitting an abstract


  • Please submit your abstracts via internet. Abstracts submitted via fax, e-mail, post, or other methods will generally not be accepted.
  • The conference language is English.
  • The abstract and authors’ institutes have to be indicated in English for publishing reasons.
  • Abstract changes and corrections will be accepted until March 4, 2018.
  • Authors may indicate their preferred presentation type (oral or poster presentation). The final decision regarding the presentation type, however, will be taken by the Scientific Committee.
  • For the presenting authors of accepted abstracts, registration and participation in this conference are binding.


  • Please note that only the submitting (corresponding) author receives abstract notifications.
  • Make sure that emails from information@smart-abstract.com are not marked as spam by your email provider.
  • The submitting (corresponding) author takes responsibility for informing all co-authors (about successful submission, acceptance or rejection) and forwards the received instructions for the presentation of the abstract to the presenting author.

Abstract contents and format

  • Please formulate clearly and concisely the objectives, the methods used, the results and the conclusion of each abstract.
  • Abstract titles should be concise and direct.
  • Please use a minimum of formatting for abstracts. We cannot guarantee that abstracts will be formatted in the exact way as they are entered.
  • Avoid using non-standard abbreviations.
  • Do not use the title or the name(s) of the author(s) in the body of the abstract.
  • Maximum length of 2500 characters (excl. title & author block, INCLUDING spaces).
  • Abstracts may include tables (incl. in max. count of 2500 characters). Each file inserted into the abstract accounts for 250 characters.


  • Help for abstract submission is provided onscreen in each section of our site.
  • A help guideline for our entire system is available for download as a PDF document. Please click on Help in the main menu.

For further information concerning registration please visit the website: http://www.epc2018.eu/.

Thank you. We wish you success in submitting your abstracts!


Acute Pancreatitis – clinical / experimental

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in the pancreas

Chronic Pancreatitis – clinical / experimental

Cystic lesions of the Pancreas – clinical / experimental

Diabetes – clinical / experimental

Endoscopy – clinical / experimental

Genetics of Pancreatic disorders

Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Pancreas – clinical / experimental

Pancreatic Cancer – clinical / experimental

Pancreatic Surgery – clinical / experimental