EPC Council 2018

Past President: Gábor Varga, Budapest
President Elect: Anders Molven, Bergen
Secretary: Matthias Löhr, Stockholm
Treasurer: Rolf Graf, Zurich
Council members: David Criddle, Viktória Venglovecz, Gabriele Capurso, Natalya B. Gubergrits, Thilo Hackert, Albrecht Neeße

About EPC
The European Pancreatic Club (EPC) is a non-profit, international scientific organization dedicated to the study of the pancreas. EPC was founded in 1965, with the idea to bring together basic scientists and clinicians in an informal atmosphere to promote friendship and research communication between them. Therefore, EPC has provided a platform for pancreatologists for five decades. EPC has strong connections with various European National Pancreatic Societies (from 22 countries). (Source: http://e-p-c.org/whoweare)